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Lori Duffy Foster

... write to think; think to write.

Taking Control of Menopause with Lignans
"Mary Bryant knew what she wanted after battling breast cancer at an age when, for most women, the threat of the disease is no more real than monsters in the bedroom closet."

Sanguineous Sharing Stipulations
"Most runners wisely avoid giving blood before a major effort. After all, doing so can leave you feeling weak for several days and lower your body’s oxygen-carrying capacity. For some would-be donors, giving blood after a big race seems OK; they have nothing important coming up and think that they can afford the temporary loss."

Supercritical Diet and Energy:
"Master herbalist Paul Schulick likes to play it safe. So, while other companies promoted all kinds of carbohydrate blockers, stimulants, cathartics and diuretics that promised weight loss and more energy, his company avoided the category altogether. Schulick and his colleagues at New Chapter preferred to offer nothing at all, convinced that there was a better and healthier way. "