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Lori Duffy Foster

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Spring Melt

Spring Melt

A novel by Lori Duffy Foster

As a doctor’s wife in a thriving Adirondack Mountain village in the mid-1920s, Ella Devine appeared to have an ideal life. Her husband grew rich catering to ill New York City socialites who wanted to hide their TB diagnosis from their friends. Their marriage was devoid of emotion, but so was she. Raped at 9 years old and rejected by her mother, she had learned to quietly accept whatever life offered. All that changed when three men, best friends of her deceased father, were charged with the 19-year-old murder of the man who had raped her.

Spring Melt draws on the rich and fascinating history of the Adirondacks, where hikers who see only low hills and lush vegetation, fail to perceive the hidden dangers and lose their lives by stepping two feet off the trail. Spring Melt focuses on the trial of the three retired lumberjacks; Ella’s emergence from victimhood; revelations of corruption under the former sheriff; and the plight of innocent Native Americans who were pawns in the sheriff’s money game. The lawyers must contend with the overwhelming strength of the fraternal bond of lumberjacks, a bond that hinders both the prosecution and the defense. Since the late 1800s, the wilderness that is the Adirondacks has been both a frontier to be conquered only by the hardiest of humans and a play land for the wealthy.

When these worlds collide, the resulting explosion can be fatal.